Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Warning - this blog is about to become a boring food and exercise record...


I have booked our family in to our (almost) yearly camping by the beach holiday in Port Stephens.

Hubby and I have been going there since before we were married. Yep, it was the destination of our very first *dirty weekend*...we have stayed at the same spot for the past 20 years now, and we have seen it change from a place lined with rows of caravans to a lovely resort where you get your pick of cabins in every size to camping sites with ensuites...

This place is across the road from a beautiful calm beach and we have been taking the girls there since they were babies...many happy memories and if we ever dare suggest a change of scenery for our yearly break away we are met with much disapproval from the girls...

We are spending ten days there in late January - which means I have 16 weeks to get some of this blubber off for good. Sure, I have an event that I want to look good and feel great for, but I don't want to welcome back these extra kilos any time soon.

Hence the title of this post.

I have been doing a lot of reading of blogs of people who have lost weight and kept it off, and I've been reading blogs of people who struggle to keep weight off and even put most of it back on.

One thing I've decided to take on board is that those who track their food are the most successful.

So apologies and goodbye to those of you who will be (understandably) bored by my stats, but this is a better way for me to record - too many bits of paper/diaries etc only clutter my life more than it needs to be at the moment, so this is what I've decided...oh, and if you're lucky I may even post some lovely pics ;-)

So let's call this Day 1 of my very own 16 Week Challenge!

I'm sure the format of my updates will change and evolve over the next 16 weeks but I will come here every evening to record my progress...

Wish me luck!



  1. Your holiday destination sounds fantastic Sandra. There'll be no family holiday for us this Christmas as I'm working through and we are struggling with where to go next July. At least we have plenty of time to decide and plan it.
    As for the new blog format, you know I'll be here reading :-)


  2. Good luck Sandra and have a great holiday, it looks like a beautiful place!

    I'll still be hanging around and popping by to cheer you on from time to time.

  3. Thanks girls, it is a beautiful spot, and I really want to just enjoy every minute we're there. Nice to have you both around xx

  4. It's your blog. Write what ever you feel like. Yep, there were a few people out there who like to bend things towards their wills but just ignore them and do what feels rightl

  5. That sounds like a lovely spot Sandra, and how great that your girls want to keep going back there. Traditions are what they will remember in the future.

    I do best when tracking food as well, look forward to reading your progress!

  6. Thanks Hilary! They are creatures of habit, my two :)

  7. I'm with the others... it's your blog, write about what you want! And good luck!